Romanian dishes that can be served as an appetizer (I)

If you will ever dine in a Romanian house, you will surely discover certain Romanian dishes that can be served as an appetizer, along with large pieces of freshly baked bread. And because, of course, for us, Mamaie Stela makes the best dishes, the recipes in this series are learned from her.

The first on the agenda, in alphabetical order and not the family’s preferences, we have the White Bean Dip (In Romanian, we call it beaten beans, because we beat them into mash). 


  • 500 g of dried beans
  • 2 onions
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • salt
  • For about 2 hours before being boiled, the beans (which must be large in size) are kept in lukewarm water. After these two hours, drain and bring to a boil. Boil the beans in a suitable pot with cold water to cover it (Mamaie Stela uses her finger to measure, so, over the beans, you add enough water to cover it, the extra water being the size of a finger!).

    Tip: If the beans are „new” (freshly dried), they should not be kept in water before boiling them. Initially, the fire should be left low to start simmering.

  • When the water starts boiling, drain the beans and put back on the fire, this time in hot water, in the same amount of water as before.

    Tip: In order for the beans to boil perfectly, they must be left on the right heat and watched constantly, in order to gather the foam which is a result of boiling.

Romanian dishes that can be served as an appetizer

  • While the beans are cooking, cut the onion into small pieces (julienne) and fry in oil.

    Tip: You can also use olive oil, although Mamaie Stela does not prefer it. You have to keep in mind that olive oil might give a different taste to the food.

  • When the water has dropped and the beans are boiled, drain and mash the beans like you would mash potatoes. A little oil is added to this mash to give it a creamy consistency.
  • This mash is served cold, along with the onions fried earlier.
~ 3.5 hours prep and cooking
~ 170 calories / 100 grams

We use the metric measurement system for all our recipes. If you would like to convert the values in the measurement system you prefer, we recommend to use Metric Conversions.

Have your friends over and enjoy this Romanian White Beans dip, just like our Mamaie Stela makes it! If you want to add this recipe to your personal recipe book, you can download it here.

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