Work from home in Viscri


What you get:

  • Accommodation in a traditional Transylvanian Saxon room, for two weeks
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • All the coffee you can drink
  • Your very own working space in the white barn or, if the weather permits, in the orchard
  • Access to the yard and the hammocks

Price does not include:

  • Transportation to Viscri
  • Any other expenses you might have during your stay

You can pay with vacation vouchers!


Work from home or work from Viscri?

We know that, in these hard times, in order to be more productive and efficient, you need to focus more. Staying at home might become boring and you might find yourself yearning to do something different.

We are here to help you out! How about working remotely, from a fairy-tale location, surrounded by nature and village life and not having to worry about what to cook or having to clean?

Our proposition is this: 2 weeks of working from Viscri 32!

The benefits of working remotely from Viscri 32:

  • You can create a better work-life balance – once you hear the birds sing and the village sounds around you, you will not be left untouched, you will want to shut down the laptop and roam free
  • You do not have to worry about taking care of the house anymore, you finally have time to do that exercise you’ve been meaning to do or to read that book that is on your nightstand since forever
  • You get to know the village of Viscri better and if you have a car, even the surrounding villages, along with the beautiful scenery that can be found around them

About Viscri 32:

It is owned and operated by Mara and Alexu, two young, incredible people, whose only purpose in life seems to be taking care of their guests. They have transformed an old Transylvanian Saxon house and its barn into a beautiful location, while keeping the authentic feel untouched.

Although very much traditional, Viscri 32 has all the modern amenities you can ask for, so you will not miss home too much.

Mara has taken her family’s recipes and transformed them into mouth-watering dishes, adding them her own touch. The slow food concept that Viscri 32 is promoting is all about enjoying the food, being delighted by it and not wasting anything in the process.

Highlights of Viscri:

  • The Fortified Church – a UNESCO Heritage Site
  • Prince’s Charles house in Viscri
  • The cows coming home in the evening
  • Enticing hills waiting to be roamed
  • Fresh air, far from the buzzing life of the city

Come work from Viscri 32 and you will not regret it! For more info, contact us!


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