Private hiking trips in the Carpathians

The Traveling Tulip’s private hiking trips in the Carpathians offer the perfect getaway for those who are passionate about the mountain, but also for those who are only just beginning to learn about it.

Our dedicated mountain guide, Claudiu, from, can’t wait to share his love for the mountain and to take you on mountain trails that make you discover more than you even imagined. We can assure you that you are in good hands, as Claudiu is a certified mountain guide.

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Our private hiking trips are the best way to discover the Carpathian Mountains. With the help of our mountain guide, Claudiu, from escapetheordinary,ro, you will be able to go on mountain trails, no matter their difficulty, you will be able to learn about the requirements of hiking in the mountains and to hear a lot of stories about the mountains!

Interesting facts about the Romanian Carpathian Mountains:

  • they are part of the larger chain of mountains, the Carpathians, which has the form an arc, throughout Central and Eastern Europe
  • 51% of this mountain chain can be found in Romania
  • the highest peak is Moldoveanu Peak, with an altitude of 2,544 metres (8,346 ft)
  • the highest number of brown bears, wolfs and lynxes can be found in these mountains
  • the Carpathian Sphinx is the same height as the more famous Egyptian one
  • there are over 12.000 caves and potholes in these mountains, some of them easily accessible
  • the only crater lake in Romania and Europe can be found in the Carpathian Mountains
  • the most spectacular road, the Transfagarasan, cuts straight through the Fagaras Mountains, climbing at an altitude of 2,042 metres (6,699 ft), making it the second highest mountain pass in Romania
  • the highest mountain pass (road) in Romania is the Transalpina, which cuts through the Parang Mountains, at an altitude of 2,145 m (7,037 ft)
  • the Romanian Carpathian mountains are also known as the Transylvanian Alps
  • between 1859 and 1918, they served as a natural border between Romania and Transylvania (back then the region of Transylvania was not a part of Romania)

The Romanian Carpathian Mountains are perfect for everyone, offering a multitude of opportunities for nature lovers to take advantage of. From those who simply like to go outside, to the ones that like to climb and go to extremes, everyone can find something to do in the Carpathians. What better way to ensure that you get exactly want you want, then by booking a private hiking trip with us?



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