Bucharest Walking Tour: Revealing Communism

From: lei145.00

Duration: ~ 3.5 hours (with intermittent walking)

Capacity: minimum 2 people, maximum 20 people

Age: doesn’t really matter, as long as you keep in mind that there will be walking involved!


  • charming local English-speaking guide for the tour

If you want a personalized offer, please contact us.

It is said that the more we know about the past, the better prepared we are for the future. Explore another face of Bucharest. The one that impacted Romania’s capital so much that any future after that became a better one by default. From the rise of communism in Romania, in 1947 to its fall, in 1989, from monarchy to dictatorship, those times left a deep footprint that only time can heal. Even if the roots were cut down, the echoes of those times can sometimes still be heard if paying attention. Join our Bucharest walking tour and let yourself be guided back in time, by seeing places and hearing stories about daily life under the communist regime, about what impact Ceausescu had on the Bucharest skyline or about the Secret Police and its torturing techniques. Discover important Bucharest landmarks, representative to what communism really meant to the Romanian people and how one man managed to save some of the Romanian capital’s churches. All these while catching up with how the specific Romanian humor helped people survive “the Golden Era”!

Language: English / Romanian

Weather: Tours are rain/shine and great anytime! Find out what to wear!

Location: Tour starts in Revolution Square, next to the Rebirth Memorial.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Spend some time discovering the local face and feel of Bucharest under the communist regime
  • Learn about the Bucharest’s history!


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