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5 fabulous places in Romania you can reach by car

A road trip can turn into a pleasant expedition in nature, by visiting some of the most beautiful natural sights in Romania. If the well-known resorts on the Prahova Valley or those on the Black Sea coast are, during this period, quite crowded or sometimes even full, dream places – but less visited, are just waiting to be discovered by those who have not admired their beauty yet. Here are the 5 fabulous places in Romania you can reach by car.

Bicaz Gorge

places in Romania

With rock formations taken straight out of movies, Bicaz Gorge represents a delight for any lover of nature. 

The gorge is part of a national park and is located between Lacul Rosu (Red Lake) and the village of Bicaz-Chei, in the middle of Hasmas Mountains, between Neamt and Harghita counties. 

Basically, the Bicaz Gorge represents the link between Moldova and Transylvania.

This exceptional geographical area stretches for six kilometers. The particularly high rocks and the colors they acquire depending on the time of day are truly a delight for visitors. The gorge is formed as a result of the erosions caused by the Bicaz river and its tributaries, and among the main tourist attraction nearby is the famous Red Lake, followed closely by the Sugaului Gorge, the Cascada cave or the Avenul cu Trei Intrari.

To be admired along the route are the rocky massifs Piatra Pintestilor, Piatra Arsitelor and the highest of them: Piatra Altarului (1120 m high). From Bucharest you can reach the route the area via Brasov – Sfantu Gheorghe (DN11) – Baile Tusnad (DN12) – Miercurea Ciuc – Gheorgheni – Lacul Rosu – Cheile Bicazului.

Bigar Waterfall

Thanks to its extraordinary appearance, imagines with the Bigar Waterfall have travelled around the world. It is considered, by many, one the most spectacular waterfalls.

Bigar Waterfall belongs to Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park in Caras-Severin County, between Anina and Bozovici, on National Road 57B. Leaving Bucharest, an easy route to Bigar is the one via Pitesti – Craiova (E70) – Drobeta Turnu Severin – Orsova – DN57B (to Iablanita) – Bozovici – Bigar.

A few hundred meters from the waterfall, there is a parking lot and several terraces, and the entire route is newly modernized. Recently, a pedestrian route was arranged between the parking lot and the entrance to the National Park, along with a platform that facilitates access to the base of the waterfall, leading via a passage to Grota Bigar (Bigar Cave).

Access to the waterfall is free, and for tourists eager to visit the Bigar Spring and the cave, the ticket costs 5 lei / person.

5 fabulous places in Romania you can reach by car

The Muddy Volcanoes

In Buzau county, in the area of Berca village, there are three locations where muddy volcanoes can be found. Each location will give you the feeling of a short walk on the Moon: at Paclele Mari, Paclele Mici and Paclele de la Beciu.

Conical formations, resembling mounds of earth, are formed by the eruption of natural gas that comes from thousands of meters deep underground. 

It is an impressive phenomenon that together with the cracked appearance of the surrounding land surprises visitors every season.

The ideal times to visit are during spring and autumn, when temperatures are not very high. Travelers are recommended to wear rubber boots because the formations erupt quite often.

The access road is made through DN10, from Satuc village, located 18 km away from Buzau town in the direction of Intorsatura Buzaului. The road is marked with signs.

The Basalt Column from Racos

Another natural wonder in Romania, where you can go by car is the natural geological reservation – Basalt columns from Racos. The location is usually not very crowded, and you can enjoy the fresh air at your own pace.

With an area of 1.10 ha, the nature reserve represents massive basalt columns, with a height between 10-15 meters and a geology characterized by the presence of lava flows. 

They attest to the volcanic activities in the Persian Mountains of the Eastern Carpathians, more than a million and a half years old. Near the basalt columns, you can see the extinct Racos Volcano and the Emerald Lake, formed by melting snow and rainfall.

The natural area is located one hour from the city of Brasov (68 km) on the E60 road, towards Sighisoara. It is easy to reach, after passing Hoghiz village.

Bolboci Lake

Bolboci Lake is located behind the Bolboci Dam and is an artificial dam lake, located on the Ialomita River in the Bucegi Mountains. Also known as the “Sea of Bucegi”, the lake is truly spectacular precisely because it seems hard to believe that it is artificial, and the whole area is a real paradise for nature lovers.

For tourists eager to spend a night near the lake, Cabana Bolboci is one of the highly recommended accommodation, and Lake Bolboci is also a starting point for many marked mountain trails. 

places in Romania

Among the tourist attraction adjacent to the lake are Zanoagei Gorge, 7 Izvoare Waterfall, Scropoasa Lake, Babele, Padina, Pestera Mica or Varful Omu, and the access to the location is very simple. From Bucharest, drive toward Sinaia (DN1) – Glod – DJ714 and reach the lake. The lake is located 24 km from Sinaia.

For fishing enthusiasts eager to catch trout or lobster, a fee of 26 lei / day is charged, fishing being allowed based on permits issued by competent authorities.

5 fabulous places in Romania, which you can reach by car

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