Best beginner mountain trails in Romania that offer spectacular views

Romania is one of the European countries that enjoys a real variety in terms of mountain roads that can be explored by travelers. The hiking trails are among the most spectacular, whether we are talking about those accessible to any type of traveler, or those intended for professionals. Today’s blog post is about the best beginner mountain trails in Romania. Of course, for those of you who are much more experienced on the mountain, there are also trails that can quench your thirst for adrenaline.

What is important to know before you go on a mountain trail

Wild nature, dreamy landscapes and the satisfaction of completing such a route are the main reasons why more and more mountain lovers take their backpacks and explore these dream places.

It is important that before going up the moutain, you get acquainted with all the essential aspects of this type of trip, which we list below, so that the experience is flawless.

best beginner mountain trails in romania trasee montane pentru incepatori
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The equipment you need differs primarily depending on the season, but also on the difficulty and length of the route you choose. If you opt for an easy route, which can be done in 2-4 hours, of course the equipment can be more permissive, but if you plan a longer route or with a higher degree of difficulty, it is important to make sure you go on the road with suitable shoes (boots), thick clothes, water, food, flashlight, external battery, a medical kit of minimal help and even a tent for a possible camping.

The significance of the markings that indicate the mountain routes is also another subject that you must get acquainted with before making an excursion of this type.

First of all, you must make sure that it will take place in the optimal season and in favorable weather conditions. Most mountain trails are closed in winter, precisely because of the risks to which travelers may be exposed, so it is preferable to schedule this type of trips especially in summer, late spring or early autumn.

At the same time, it is important to be aware of the weather and to monitor any climate change announced before the trip you have planned. Torrential rains can expose you to danger, and sudden drops in temperature, a phenomenon often encountered especially at high altitudes, can cause you problems if you are not properly equipped.

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Best beginner mountain trails in Romania that offer spectacular views

Sinaia - Poiana Stanii (via the Royal Path)

If you want to experience an easy but beautiful route, it is recommended to choose the road that starts from Peles Castle (in Sinaia) to Poiana Stanii.

As the access to Sinaia by car is quite easy, all you have to do is to hike for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. After this, you will find yourself face to face with an extraordinary view of the entire valley. The trail starts near Peles Castle and follows a paved road, through the forest. Poiana Stanii is a perfect place for a picnic or relaxation, and this trial is recommended for families with children or those who are not willing to put too much effort into such an experience.

The level difference is about 400 meters and the distance is of approximately 10 km (back and forth).

Busteni - Cascada Urlatoarea (Howling Fall)

Another easy route, intended for all age groups and achievable in about an hour is the one that leaves the mountain resort Busteni and reaches the foot of the fascinating Urlatoarea (Howling) Waterfall, which has become one of the main tourist attractions of the area, thanks to its beauty and height. The legend says that the waterfall is in fact a maiden, who jumped off the cliffs, as she was afraid of two shepherds that were in love with her. The shepherds became stones and the howling of the maiden can be heard for eternity.

Travelers can leave their car in Busteni and have a snack at the foot of one of the most admired waterfalls in the area. 

best beginner mountain trails in romania trasee montane pentru incepatori

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Best beginner mountain trails in Romania that offer spectacular views

Izvorul Muntelui Lodge - Dochia Lodge

One of the optimal mountain routes in Ceahlau for a journey of only a few hours (approximately 4h 30min) is the one that starts from Cabana Izvorul Muntelui, a place that can be reached by car.

The route starts through the forest, towards Piatra cu apa, where you can notice unique limestone formations and reaches Cabana Dochia, where you can spend the night and where you can admire the overwhelming beauty of Toaca Peak. 

Cabana Dochia is the oldest lodge in the Ceahlau Mountains, dating back to 1913. Throughout the years, it was renovated, and improvements were brought, making it, nowadays, one of the most modern mountain lodges in Romania. The lodge is well known for mountain afficionados.

This route is not easily accessible in the winter.

Cetea village – Cetii Gorge - Baile Romane Waterfall - Piatra Cetii

Cetea village belongs to Galda de Jos commune from Alba county and represents an optimal starting point on a fascinating route, to Baile Romane, an absolutely gorgeous waterfall with a length of about 5 meters. The route, is estimated to last somewhere at 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The trail will then head west, on a relatively steep but not dangerous climb, the final destination being Piatra Cetii, a mountain with a spectacular view. Be aware that the entire trail might last up to 8 hours.

The village of Cetea can be easily reached by car, and if you want to extend the route, you can go down to the village of Tecsesti, to admire enchanting new landscapes.

Best beginner mountain trails in Romania that offer spectacular views

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best beginner mountain trails in romania trasee montane pentru incepatori

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