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The Traveling Tulip, a locally owned and operated guided tour service, is YOUR personal connection to Romania! We offer a selection of memorable group walking tours and privately guided experiences; we can customize your ideal weekend getaway to Romania’s capital and other remarkable regions. 

We specialize in providing tours for small groups, ensuring intimacy and incredible experiences that make YOU and us all happy. Another specialty of ours is creating tours from which you can learn, but most importantly, that heighten your 6 senses. 

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The Traveling Tulip offers group tours with a twist, that explore Bucharest’s and Romania’s fascinating history and must-see highlights in a fun, engaging, experience-oriented way with a local professional guide (and part-time comedian).

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The Traveling Tulip's bespoke vacation getaways combine hotel accommodation, personal driver and local guide into a single, convenient package. Start designing your own ideal Romanian experience or choose one from our portfolio.


Get a more in-depth feel for a city or the country on a tailored tour complete with your own local guide and personal driver. Send us your request for what you’d like to experience or get in touch to arrange a personally curated trip.

We know Romania and you’ll love where we take you! Our team of professional guides and local travel business owners create unique and fabulous tour experiences for newcomers to Bucharest and Romania. 

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The Traveling Tulip tours focus on small, hidden landmarks (may they be above or under-ground) and restaurants that are frequented by locals. And we like to keep the groups small too – no larger than 20 people to ensure that YOU have a personal experience.

We are passionate about our home and deeply dedicated to Romania and we are experts at making you create memories in each neighborhood or region we explore. We are committed to keeping your brain full of fun facts and finds, your body present and active and your belly curious and satisfied.

We take our sweet time in developing new tours. At the moment, we offer several well-researched and well-curated city and country tours and we’re very proud of each. Try them all! 

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