to do in Viscri

5 things to do in Viscri all year long

Romania is the country where any rural experience lovers will find perfect destinations. Viscri is that one magical place in Transylvania that will make you fall in love with nature and get the chance to know what rural life was like in this area. Also, this little enchanted village is the main reason Prince Charles fell in love with Romania in the first place. Here are the 5 things to do in Viscri if you plan on visiting it soon.

5 things to do in Viscri

Visit the Fortified Church

to do in Viscri
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The fortified church is the most important attraction of the village, a true medieval architectural masterpiece, built during the 13th century. 

When the Saxon people came to this area, at the end of 12th century, they have found a little chapel, which suffered several important transformations through time. Initially a chapel, the inhabitants of the village turned it into a church surrounded by a fortress with defense walls, two bastions and two towers.

The ticket price is modest and also includes access to the museum. If you want an unforgettable view, remember to climb the church tower. The fortified church is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list since 1999.

Enjoy a meal at Viscri 32 – White Barn and Blue House

Decorated in an authentic style, the restaurant offers its guests a true culinary treat, and the traditional food will definitely satisfy even the most pretentious travelers. The restaurant, known as the first one in the village, was opened by a young couple who left the city to dedicate themselves to a rural business.

Among the culinary delights you need to try out, while visiting, are traditional chicken noodle soup, homemade bread, traditional sausages and jams. Don’t forget to ask for some “socata” (elderflower cordial)!

Photo @ The Traveling Tulip

5 things to do in Viscri

Stay in a traditional house

To better understand the whole essence of Viscri life, it is essential to spend at least one night in one of the traditional houses in the village. The old furniture, the simple decor, the typical colors, everything seems to be brought back from a life lived hundreds of years ago, and your experience will certainly be unique.

Among the ideal places of accommodation, we mention Verde de Viscri and the “royal” house in Viscri, owned by Prince Charles and rented to travelers when he’s not there.

Shop for traditional, handmade objects

In Viscri you will find a multitude of products knitted by locals, in the traditional style: socks, gloves, thick sweaters, hats, and the famous story of Viscri socks will fascinate you! Initially, the socks were made by local women in order to get food, and gradually, their activity turned into a real business, in which, nowadays, over 125 women from the village are involved.

Walk around the village

Not only the village is a fairytale place, but also its surroundings, rich in spectacular landscapes. So, to understand the nature there, you can surrender to it quietly, at least for a walk. The bike routes in Viscri area are quite numerous and recently restored, so you can always explore the surroundings of the village, and if you want a truly authentic experience, you can go for a horse drawn carriage ride.

How to get to Viscri

If you are coming from Brasov or from Sighisoara, there is, currently, only one way to reach Viscri (even though there is a sign, in Bunesti village, guiding you to Viscri, that road is closed) – from the main road, DN13 / E60, reach Rupea Citadel and then follow the signs to the village! The road is recently repaired and it’s a thrill to drive on. Buses are also available to Viscri, from both Sighisoara and Brasov. If you want to spend some money, you can always rent a taxi to take you to Viscri 😊

5 things to do in Viscri

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