pools with a spectacular view

5 best pools with a spectacular view in Romania

The hot, summer weather is fast approaching, and we can’t think of a better way to cool down than by taking a swim! Trying to escape the urban jungle, we set out to find the best pools with a spectacular view in Romania. And we were not disappointed!

Barlogu Lodge

If you are looking for an infinity pool, where you can lose yourself in the view, while soaking in lukewarm water, then this place is the best option! Located about 20 km away from Cluj (in the Apuseni Mountains – 320 km from Bucharest), the lodge is perfect for a week-end getaway with your friends. The lodge has 10 rooms and 9 bathrooms and can only be booked as a whole. 

Pro tip: the location is perfect for Instagram photos! For more info and prices, click here.


Photo @ Cabana Barlogu

Ecaterina Guest House

pools with a spectacular view
Photo @ Pensiunea Ecaterina

Located on the Danube River, in the west of the country (about 320 km out of Bucharest), this privately owned guest house has an impressive pool, that overlooks both the Danube and the mountains. The owners pride themselves on the fact that the pool is heated using solar panels. So, while you are enjoying a cold iced tea and soaking up the sun, you are also making the world a better place. 

Word has it that they also serve incredible home-made dishes, so, what are you waiting for? For more info and prices, click here.

5 best pools with a spectacular view in Romania

Green Village Resort

Where the Danube River meets the Black Sea, a paradise was created for travelers to relax and return to nature. The location is reachable either by boat or by… helicopter 😊 In any case, the pool is worth the trip – on one side, you have the Danube and on the other you have reed covered houses. It is the perfect place to recharge the batteries and prepare to take over the world, one more time.

For more info and prices, click here.

Photo @ Green Village Resort

Balvanyos Resort

Snugly built in the middle of the forest, near Lake Saint Anne (a crater lake, located about 250 km out of Bucharest), the resort is the perfect place for those who want to escape the urban scenery for a few days and discover the mountains. 

The resort offers both indoor and outdoor pools, both with exquisite views to the beautiful, raw nature surrounding the hotel. In case you get bored (as if) of lounging around the pools, you can always go hiking in the area.

For more info and prices, click here.

pools with a spectacular view
Photo @ Balvanyos Resort

“Pa Coasta” Pool – part of “Pastravaria Alex” Guest House

Photo @ Piscina Pa Coasta

In the fairy-tale region of Maramures, in the Mara village, you can find a spot which appears to have been created specifically for people that can’t get enough of mountains and greenery. 

The “Pa Coasta” pool can be easily reach and the owners have managed to combine the new with the old. The pool is exotic, similar to those you can find maybe only in Asia. But the people, the view, the experience, is truly, traditionally, Romanian.  

If you find yourself captivated by the pool, you can also spend the night in one of the traditional cottages offered by the guest house and enjoy it the next day, as well.  The restaurant of the location is specialized in fish dishes, specifically own-grown trout. The food is finger-licking good 😊 For more info and prices, click here.

5 best pools with a spectacular view in Romania

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